TIRELESS Demo Update (1 and 2)

Hello there! The TIRELESS Demo has had several updates since it was released, here is a summary of features that have been added to the demo, along with the update that just released.

-Alternative routes. Since the private test, it's been highly requested, the game now features alternative routes on every level. You can choose as you play which routes to take, some are longer, some are more dangerous, but in the end, they are here to bring a more dynamic feeling of gameplay.

-Boosters. Boosters are a brand new mechanic, placed around the levels, boosters will allow a short increase in speed that goes over the max speed limit in adrenaline mode. They are a must-use feature to every speedrunner's gameplay.

-Croatian voice acting. We finally have a brand new voice-acted language, more languages will be coming with complete localization and voice-over soon.

-Level 2. Yes, a brand new level, it's longer, speeds are higher, and the challenge is greater. It comes with a brand new soundtrack and... well let's not spoil all the fun.

Here is the first gameplay reveal of the demo's second level!

A brand new trailer for TIRELESS Demo has been released as well, check it out!

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