TIRELESS - Level Rework Devlog #13

I've been improvising lately with the level design in the game. I've been trying to establish some form of level design format for the game, and it's been tough. I have remade the tutorial level along with level 01, and I would really like to know what people think about this change.

This change would allow levels to be longer then before, the focus is also shifted more on the adrenaline mode rather then slow platforming.

After many complaints about the difficulty of the game, I've decided to make the first levels of the game much easier to complete for beginners.

-Some more options have been implemented as well, such as the toggle for Motion blur. You'll be able to disable motion blur in the game whenever you want in the settings menu.

-A skip-able intro cinematic has been added as well, shortly introducing the player to the story of the game.

-Gravity has been altered as well, removing the annoying "floatines" people have found unpleasant.

-Added a really cool new effect to the dash mechanic, I think you'll like it!

-Redesigned the Main Menu Environment.

-Added a "Reset Game" button for when you want to make a wipe of all save files and start a new game.

Several changes have been made in improving the look of the game, several bug fixes along with some UI issues now fixed.

Please leave us your feedback on what you think of these changes and how do you like the game so far, what do you think we could change, etc.

Due to these changes, the second level will be unavailable in the demo for now, and may be back in the demo after any further issues have been resolved.

Download the latest update to apply these changes.

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