TIRELESS - Award System Devlog #12

Hello there friends,

So for a while I've been thinking of an award system I could implement into the game to drive players into trying harder to make better progress in their level runs.

This was probably one of the hardest systems to implement so far, but it did work out quite well in the end.

The Award System works in a very simple way, at the end of every level at the "level completed screen" you will be shown a reward you were given, all the possible rewards and "best times" it takes to get those rewards.

Rewards are the following:

-Newbie Cup, for who ever gets the worst time.

-Apprentice Cup

-Expert Cup

-Champion Cup, for achieving the best time.

-Zero Death Cup, for who ever gets the best time, yet doesn't die even once during that run.

The awards will be visible above all portals in the lobby along with the best time records.

You'll be able to change the best time, but only to a new record, if you fail to do better on your "retry", the best time will not be changed, nor the award you won.

-Total Playtime has been added to the game. You can now see the total time you spent actually playing the game. Not how long the game has been opened in the background, but exactly how long you spent truly spent playing.

-Multiple bug fixes.

Download the latest update to apply these changes.

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