TIRELESS - Gamepad Support! Devlog #11

Yes, its finally here.

So a couple months ago when I was testing the game with a controller,

I thought to myself that the game just wouldn't work well with a gamepad. This made me make a rash decision that TIRELESS will only be playable with a mouse and keyboard.

Few months later, and here we are. Took quite some brain storming, but here it is.

I managed to make all the UI in the game controller friendly, and the adrenaline mode works in a unique way on a gamepad.

The gamepad controls for the adrenaline mode work similarly to the controls of a car game.

It's really easy to use, and takes a few seconds to get a hang of.

You will use the RT Button to accelerate and the LT Button to Break or slow down. Moving sideways is done with the left thumb-stick.

So for all of you that wished to play the game with a controller, now you can.

A cool new thing I added is camera shakes,

camera shakes will add a slight bit of realism to the way the camera moves while playing. When dropping down on the ground, when dashing, etc. I think it really makes the game look that much better when in motion.

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