TIRELESS - All New and Shiny Devlog #10

Hello there, Proud to present a brand new TIRELESS update, and this one, is huge.

After quite a few sleepless nights, the update is finally here.

This time, updating major changes, implementations and details.

-Materials and Lighting have been been completely reworked.

Realistic looking textures, even more glossy materials.

New graphical options allow the player to run the game much smoother now.

-The Engine of the game has finally been updated, fixing a lot of graphical and framerate issues that some may have had till now.

-Added a Lobby

Lobby is going to be the place you visit every time you finish a level in the game.

There, you'll be able to unlock new stages and levels, as well as revisit places you've been too at any time.

-Major changes to the User Interface. Over all design has been changed, and is now more easy on the eyes.

At the bottom of the screen you'll now be able to see which level you are on as well.

-Locked Aspect Ratio has been removed leaving us with much more space for gameplay.

-Adrenaline Mode has been reworked as well. Its graphics, and framerate issues reduced. The field of view has been increased quit a lot, and it's effects have been remade as well.

-A new SkyBox was added, which seems to have changed the look of the game quite a lot.

-Checkpoints that have a life crystal have got a brand new look.

-Help Instructions have now been added and are now accessible in the game menu.

-All different options have been added to the pause menu.

-Camera Sensitivity

-Help instructions

-Game news will allow you to read up on any new updates about the game.

-Key bindings are finally here.

You'll be able to adjust the game to different types of keyboards, as well as use it for personal preference.

-Added UI Mode On/Off feature. -You can now disable the UI whenever you wish to do so, and turn it back on just as easy.

Download the new Demo to apply these changes.


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