TIRELESS - Demo Reworked Devlog #9

Hello there!

A few months and a hundred emails later, we are putting out a big update for the game.

We are doing this in hopes that most if not all issues are gone for good.

Aside from bug fixing, work on improving the game has been the major concern.

Here are some of the improvements, changes and additions to the game.

Adrenaline Mode has been reworked.

Other then changes to visual effects, you will now be unable to use A and D keys on ground during Adrenaline Mode. Adrenaline Mode was always supposed to be played using the mouse primarily, and we've noticed lots of people having trouble with it, so now it works as imagined.

Lighting has been reworked.

You'll now be able to see shadows beneath the player as well as other objects.

The levels are brighter now and it is much easier to see where you're going.

Resolution Settings have been reworked.

From buttons to a drop down list to save up the space. A new Resolution support 2560x1440 has been added. There have been several reports on resolution issues, so hopefully everything works better now.

Camera Filters have been added.

You now have an option to change camera filters in the game at any time.

A selection from 6 different camera filters.

Pressing and holding [H] will now show up controls instructions.

There are several more changes that have been made to the game, but these are most of the major ones.

A big Thank You to everyone supporting the game.


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