TIRELESS - Making some things clear

Hello Everyone.

I am Naro, the main and only developer for TIRELESS.

I've been receiving lots of questions so I’d like to clear out some things about the game.

TIRELESS is a difficult game. It was designed to be difficult and require skill to play. So for some that are having a tough time playing the game, understand that the game is only for the those who enjoy a harder challenge.

The game is made in the Unreal Engine 4, not Unity.

The tutorial level doesn't teach you everything. If you want more in depth instructions on how to properly play the game open up Game Instructions in the Pause Menu. Although it may seem that what you see in the tutorial is all that you can expect from the game, that isn't really the case. The tutorial level is there to give you the basic idea and understanding of how the game works, and of course to test if you are ready to truly begin playing. The name of the tutorial level is Acquiring The Skills, which means exactly what it says

Jumping works fine, your timing is wrong. If the Adrenaline Box is right at the edge of the platform, you'll have to time when you press the jump button. Remember that timing in this game is super important.

I've spent countless hours playing the game trying to find mistakes, but even then, I'll never be able to actually test out enough to tell if everything's working right, so I encourage people to send me feedback, bug reports etc. (via our website would be the best) This would help immensely on making a better game experience.

I want apologize for any inconveniences you may have during your gameplay, the game is still in development so again, sending bug reports is a good way of letting me know what needs to be fixed. TIRELESS is regularly worked on and being improved in any way possible.

If you wish to support the project, stick around, stay updated with the development, share the game with your friends. And please send us your feedback, this helps a lot.

I hope you enjoy playing the game as I do making it.

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