TIRELESS - Devlog #4


The Demo of the game has been updated. A few changes and tweaks have been made, and one major one that is the player jump. Some have pointed out that the jump function isn’t working in their favor, so it’s been changed so that whenever the jump button is being held, the player will jump. This will help out when jumping during the adrenaline boost near the edges of the platforms.

-A new pick up has been added to the game called the Life Crystal.

This pick up is only available after the tutorial level has been finished, which means it’s not included in the Demo. Collecting the Life Crystal will give you an extra life, which can be very useful in some parts of the level. Life Crystals are placed off the road.

-The Intro sequence at the beginning of the game can now be skipped. -Small adjustments to the User Interface have been made. -The game now also works with a game pad controller.

Stay tuned for more future updates https://www.the-cyberclan.com/tireless-the-game​

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