TIRELESS Development

Hi, and welcome to the TIRELESS development log. In this post you will see different screenshots and gifs of the current look of the game as well as some description.

About the Game Player takes the role of the character named Blur, a robot speedster who's goal is to become the best speedster in the galaxy. To do so, he takes up the challenge of beating the game called TIRELESS.

Environment The game is set in a unique and stylized outer space environment.

Gameplay The game requires lots of skill to finish levels. There are no complex controls, simply run, jump and dash your way through each level. You will go through lots of challenging platforming, avoid many obstacles and collect lots of coins that increase your lives.

There is a unique power up in the game called the Adrenaline Box, collecting it gives you an insane boost of speed and increases jump height helping you go faster and get to far away areas.

Slow Motion is activated in specific areas throughout the game.

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